NY XiangHao Swim Club 纽约祥豪游泳俱乐部简介

This club has been founded by Mu Xianghao as a head coach and Shi Xingdi as an associate head coach in the year of 2006. The mission of this professional and prestigious club is to seek swimming talent kids and to train new swimmers, and to utilize our professional coaches to have all our students either those with swimming talent or beginners to get into high ranking level and become successful and confident swimmers. While led by the head coach Mu Xianghao, the club has already trained many young top swimmers. Many of those have achieved high swimming standards such as National, Zone, and Junior Olympic levels.

There are currently different levels of the classes in this club such as Advanced:- to improve technique with different strategies for each individual so that kids will achieve solid technique foundation for competition; Medium:- to train complete techniques and teach kids differently based on their individual strengths so that kids will master complete and comprehensive techniques; and finally Beginner:- teach basic swimming techniques and train physical fitness so that kids can master each swimming style correctly and achieve solid foundation in order to enter from Beginner to Medium level. In addition, there is Pre-beginner level (so called Fast-track) for kids to master swimming techniques within a very limited time so that kids can efficiently advance to the next swimming level.

Since the club was founded, there are a quite few training locations with a large scale of training sites while this club is continuously expanding to satisfy our communities’ needs. It is greatly appreciated by our community that this club’s efforts on stimulating youth sports and interests, achieve physical fitness, and obtain excellent records and confidence in the competitions by fully utilizing each individual strengths and potentials.

纽约祥豪游泳俱乐部是由穆祥豪总教练及施兴弟 副总教练创办于2006年,以挖掘游 泳人才为宗旨,培养泳界新苗为核心,集优秀师资力量及学生队伍为一体的专业游泳俱乐部。在以穆祥豪总教练为首的教练队伍的指导下,纽约祥豪游泳俱乐部已培 养了为数众多的少年选手,并有多人达到国家(national)、郡(zone)、和少年奥林匹克(Junior Olympic)水准。

俱乐部开办多个水平的班次。以技术改进为中心的高级班,针对学员的个人特点,进行技术及专项训练,从而为学员参与各项比赛打下重要基础。以技术指导与体能 训练为中心的中级班,着重于培养学员的全面游泳技能,挖掘学员的专项特长,并辅以素质训练,从而使学员充分掌握各种姿势,提高学员的综合训练能力。以教授 基本技术及适当体能训练为目的的初级训练班,为学员进入中级水平训练打下扎实基础。另外,专为初学者开设的初学班,着重于使学员在最短时间内掌握正确的游 泳姿势,为学员晋升至初级训练班做好充分准备。

自创办以来,纽约祥豪游泳俱乐部已发展成为拥有多个培训地点的较大规模的游泳培训中心。纽约祥豪游泳俱乐部致力于普及青少年体育运动,提高青少年和广大健 身爱好者的体能素质,为使年轻选手在各种比赛中发挥潜质、展露技能及为服务华人社区贡献一份力量。